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Advances in science and technology mean gene therapy products have the potential to treat complex diseases such as genetic disorders and cancers. Depending on the indication and process used to modify the genetic material, gene therapy products differ substantially. Gene therapy professionals must make sure their skills and knowledge are up to date with the latest.


We provide gene therapy training courses for all experience levels, whether you are new to the sector or an experienced professional. Our courses in gene therapy development will give you the skills and competency to overcome manufacturing difficulties and regulatory hurdles.


Gene therapy courses include the following topic areas: Gene therapy development | gene therapy manufacturing | in vivo gene therapy | ex vivo gene therapy | Viral based gene therapy | Lentivirus gene therapy | non-viral gene therapy | Viral Vectors

Upcoming Gene Therapy Training Courses

We provide both online and classroom training courses to support cell and gene regulatory professionals. Whether you are new to gene therapy/ATMPs or an experienced professional we have training courses that can support you in your career. All courses are carefully designed to improve performance back in the workplace. Our longer online and classroom courses include post learning reinforcement sessions to help you apply your new skills after the training course.


Find a course relevant for you below. Click on a course you are interested in to learn more about the agenda, delivery format, trainer and price. If you would like to join the course you must enrol and pay through the website.


Team Training Solutions

We support cell therapy leaders improve the technical skills and knowledge of their employees, so they are equipped to overcome challenges and meet business objectives. Working together, we design and deliver technical training courses that align with your learning requirements and business goals. For more information about how we can support your team please get in touch.


Could your manufacturing or development team benefit from any of the cell therapy courses listed above? Or maybe a topic which is not highlighted? We would be happy to discuss your objectives and see how we might be able to help.

Our Partners Within Cell & Gene Therapies

We have partnered with a range of organisations to help us deliver the best training for our customers. Through our memberships and partners, we remain up-to-date with the latest news, trends and innovations industry across the life sciences industry. To view all of our partnerships. Specifically in cell & gene therapies we have a proud media partnership with Gene Therapy Net.

Gene Therapy Net

Gene Therapy Net is the information resource for basic and clinical research in gene therapy, and the site serves as a network for the exchange of gene therapy information and breaking news items. Visitors can keep track of the latest scientific papers, conference announcements, gene therapy jobs, regulations and guidelines.

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