(Bio) Analytics of Cell and Gene Therapies

8 & 9 October 2024 | Short Online Course

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2-day live online training 

Be aware of the assays needed to assess pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity and potency for cell and gene therapies


Course Overview


A growing number of cell and gene therapies or ATMPs are entering development. Like other therapeutics they need to be clinically developed with data gathered on pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity and potency to satisfy regulatory safety expectations. However, unlike biopharmaceuticals, ATMPs are a very different challenge and a new way of thinking is required.


This training course will provide you with a deep dive insight into how cell and gene therapy products are clinically developed and manufactured. Once completed you will be aware of the types of assays needed to assess pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity and potency. You will also examine the regulatory expectations around assay validation.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Brief introduction to gene and cell therapies and recently approved products
  • Understand the basics of cell and gene clinical development and manufacturing
  • Improve your understanding of the key assays in the sector
  • Appreciate the major differences between cell and gene therapy (bio)analytics and biopharmaceuticals
  • Understand the current regulatory expectations around cell & gene assay validation
  • Review the latest outlook and future developments

What is Included?


  • Direct access to an expert trainer
  • Interactive and engaging sessions with exercises and discussions
  • Access to the Educo Life Sciences Training Portal
  • Unlimited access to the recordings for 2 weeks after the session

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Course Dates


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8 & 9 October 2024

4-Hour Course Delivered Over 2-Days

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2025 Dates TBC

4-Hour Course Delivered Over 2-Days
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2025 Dates TBC

4-Hour Course Delivered Over 2-Days
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Course Outline

Course Information

  • The course begins at the time stated below
  • The course is broken up into modules outlined below
  • There will be breaks between modules
Session 1 | Day 1

8 October 2024

150 mins | 1:00 PM UK

Overview of the CGT industry

  • Brief intro to history of gene therapy and recent approvals
  • Viral vectors and their importance in gene therapy
  • Brief intro to history of cell therapy and recent approvals
  • CGT/ATMP manufacturing process and analytics
  • CGT/ATMP clinical development and bioanalytics

Bioanalytical basics and challenges of CGTs

  • Overview of main methodology used to measure PK: flow and PCR
  • Immunogenicity of gene therapies
  • Special focus on pre-existing antibodies to viral vectors
  • Unwanted insertion events of gene therapies and how to monitor
  • Tracking of cellular therapies
  • Regulatory guidance on bioanalytical assays in the CGT space
Session 2 | Day 2

9 October 2024

150 mins | 1:00 PM UK

Analytical basics and challenges of CGTs

  • Product Release assays in the CGT space
  • Special focus: Potency assays and the importance of mode of action
  • The challenges of multiple mode of actions of cellular therapies
  • Regulatory guidance on potency assays in the CGT space

Special focus: CAR T cells

  • The rise of the CAR T cell and the need for future generations
  • Clinical impact of CAR T cells with regards to patients’ safety
  • CAR T cell future trends such as the off the shell CAR T cell
  • Biomarker analysis

Dr. Melody Janssen is an expert in bioanalysis and immunogenicity testing of biopharmaceuticals with in-depth experience as a project manager, trainer and senior expert in biotech/CGT companies. She has worked on numerous biopharmaceutical products and is an expert on all areas of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
Dr. Janssen has extensive experience of the regulatory frameworks (EMA, FDA etc.) for biopharmaceutical development/manufacturing. Ultimately Melody is aware of the many challenges biopharmaceutical companies face when developing a therapeutic product.


She is frequently invited to speak at conferences on immunogenicity and bioanalytical testing, where she also leads conference specific workshops and seminars. She has shared her knowledge through trainings for over 10 years focusing on assay validation for bioanalytical, potency and immunogenicity assays.


For the last years, Dr. Janssen has been working as a freelancer for projects including non-clinical and clinical immunogenicity assessment, leading various late pre-clinical candidates to FIH, production of vaccines and biologics and teaching bioanalytical method validation workshops.


Her educational background is in infectious diseases and immunology, with a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences investigating the effect of protein aggregates on immunogenicity.


This course is aimed at all professionals who work with bioassays such as pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing. The course assumes previous (bio)analytical experience and is perfect for those moving into cell & gene therapies (ATMPs) or looking to do so in the future.

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• You will have full access to the training portal and the recordings for 2 weeks after the training

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(Bio) Analytics of Cell and Gene Therapies

8 & 9 October 2024 | Short Online Course

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