Post Learning Implementation Plan (PLIP)

Continuous learning designed to support the development of individuals

Training is often a standalone event with little reinforcement activities. Learners enjoy the training but often forget what they have learned. We believe training is part of a continuous journey of development. Once you have participated in training there should be actionable outcomes and follow up to make sure you apply the knowledge and skills learned during the training. True Development comes when you apply those skills back in the workplace, using them in your day-to-day role. The PLIP is designed to support you in this process.

What is involved?

The educo life sciences PLIP requires minimal effort but delivers significant reward in terms of your learning and development. We appreciate how valuable your time is and we want to make sure that it is well spent. The PLIP is made up of the following:


Needs analysis and objectives for training

A short and simple online form completed before you attend the training. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

WHY? – This will be an opportunity for you to highlight specific questions and objectives. Our trainers will review these ahead of the training so to enable them to tailor the content and ensure you get the most from it.


Action plan

At the end of the training, our experts will help you to complete an action plan. This will include immediate actions to implement as well as longer term changes.

WHY? – Writing down clear actions will help you to implement them after the training and form a reference to go back to for future support.


Reinforcement session

Delivered 4 to 5 weeks after the training, a 1-hour discussion conducted virtually. Nothing needs to be presented or submitted but we ask all learners to spend 10 minutes preparing some thoughts to be discussed. The trainer will also provide some reinforcement of the key points from the training as well as the feedback from the group.

WHY? – This will help encourage you to implement your actions. It will provide an opportunity for reflection, hear others experiences and reinforce key learnings to ensure sustained development.