Our Approach to Quality

We are committed to providing high quality training to the life science industry

Educo Life Sciences is committed to providing high quality training to the life science industry. We are unique in our commitment to continuously improve our courses, processes and activities to ensure our customers get the training that develops their skills and knowledge.

Our Approach is Audited

We are 9001 certified and have a 9001 quality management system in place to ensure our activities deliver quality training courses that meet our customers’ requirements. We are also a CPD member. As we are certified our approach is checked on an annual basis through audits. We also have a detailed quality policy which outlines our approach to managing feedback and continuously improving course delivery.

When Delivering Team Training


In addition to ISO 9001 we follow the principles of ISO 10015 ‘Guidelines for competence management and people development’ when developing bespoke programmes for clients.

Training solutions for teams, departments, or whole organisations

Our Trainers

We work with the trainers who are highly regarded within their respective industry

The trainers used by Educo Life Sciences all have a minimum of 15 years industry experience, some much more and are highly regarded within their respective industry. They are typically consultants in their industry working with a wide range of companies, broadening their experience and knowledge. You can learn more about a course trainer on the course page.