Delivery Formats

We know every organisation, department and team within life sciences are unique with regards to products, processes, structures, regulations and more. As a result, we will guide and create a programme where the delivery format(s) are used to accommodate your learning needs.

Examples of our common delivery formats:


Instructor led classroom training delivered face to face at your facility. Alternatively, we can arrange a venue at a location of your choice. This delivery format combines theoretical content with interactive group sessions designed to inspire dialogue and collaboration between teams. The trainer is on hand to guide discussions and give direct feedback on company-specific challenges. We select our trainers not just on their experience and knowledge but also on the way they can interact and engage an audience to optimise the learning of the group. This is an ideal way to develop your whole team in a cost efficient way avoiding travel or accommodation costs and unnecessary time out of the office.

Live Online Learning

Webinar-based learning designed to create an interactive virtual classroom environment. Learn through flexible bitesize sessions to accommodate your teams schedule, projects and locations. In the virtual classroom environment, you gain real time access to an expert trainer as they deliver engaging and interactive learning. This learning solution is not restricted by classroom sizes, geographic location or time zones so you can train global teams cost effectively. We do everything, providing the technology, support and expertise to create a beneficial learning programme.

On-Demand Online Learning

Online learning content or e-learning pre-developed and accessible for your team anytime, anyplace. The learning material can take many forms such as recorded lectures, reading materials and quizzes.  It can be hosted by us or designed to sit on your internal systems.  With license options the cost per person is lower so you can train large numbers more efficiently. Session analytics and reporting enable you to monitor attendance, progress and performance.

Blended Learning

Often the optimal learning solution is a combination of different delivery formats. By merging we combine and amplify the benefits each delivery method offers. With our advice and guidance we can design blended programmes that meet your training requirements. This is a continuous learning approach that provides individuals with a variety of learning content types, so learners remain engaged and get the most out of the training.

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