Bioassay and Analytical Training for Biotechnology

Biopharmaceutical analytical techniques, methods and regulations are more complex than small molecules due to the nature of biological products. Analytical scientists must have the skills and knowledge to design and implement a range of analytical studies during biopharmaceutical (and biosimilar) development and in manufacturing for quality purposes.


Biotech analytical courses include: Stability Testing | Force Degradation Studies | Analytical Method Development | Analytical Qualification and Validation | Analytical Qualification And Validation | Bridging Studies | Comparability Testing.

It is critical for bioanalysis and immunogenicity testing to be conducted for PK, PD and Toxicology studies during pre-clinical and clinical development. Obtaining this data is critical for successful biopharmaceutical development. For quality control, potency assays play a major role in batch release and their design and analysis is critical in biomanufacturing. Whether you are new to bioassays or an experienced professional, our courses can support you develop and grow, accelerating your career.


Bioassay courses include: Immunogenicity Assays | Analysing Bioassays | Analysing Immunoassays | Bioanalytical Analysis | Potency Assays | Design of Experiment (DoE) | Quality by Design (QbD).

Upcoming Bioassay & Analytical Training Courses

We provide both online and classroom training courses to support you throughout biotech development and manufacturing. All our analytical and bioassay courses are carefully designed to support your continued development, during and after the training. Our longer online and classroom courses include post-learning implementation to help you apply your new skills and knowledge back in the workplace. On completion of a course, you will receive a validated certificate for your records.


Learn more about our bioassay and analytical training courses below. Click on a course you are interested in to learn more about the agenda, delivery format, trainer and price. If you would like to join the course you must enrol and pay through the website.

Team Training Solutions

We support biotech leaders improve the technical skills and knowledge of their employees, so they are equipped to overcome challenges and meet business objectives. Working together, we design and deliver technical training courses that align with your learning requirements and business goals. For more information about how we can support your team please get in touch.


Could your bioassay, bioanalytical, CMC analytical or development team benefit from any of the courses listed above? Or maybe a topic which is not highlighted? We would be happy to discuss your objectives and see how we might be able to help.

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