Cell and Gene Manufacturing Training

The manufacturing process for cell and gene therapy products is dependent on the product itself, the disease and patient logistics. Cellular therapy manufacturing process is determined on whether the therapy is autologous, allogeneic and/or gene modified. Gene therapy development is dependent on the vector used and where the genetic modification takes place. It is critical for those working in CGT manufacturing to understand the essentials such as cryogenics, cell handling, aseptic working and GMP requirements. Our CGT manufacturing training provides you with the skill and confidence to develop and manufacture successful treatments. Courses on cell therapy manufacturing process examine both autologous and allogeneic therapies. We also deliver courses on gene therapy development and viral vectors.


CGT manufacturing training courses include: Aseptic working | GMP | cryogenics | cell handling | cell therapy manufacturing process | autologous/allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing | gene therapy manufacturing | ex vivo gene therapy | in vivo gene therapy

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