Overcoming Regulatory and Quality Concerns for Cell and Gene Therapies

20 & 21 November 2024 | Hybrid Training | London

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Learn to navigate the regulatory and quality landscape for CGTs/ATMPs.



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Course Overview


Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) or ATMPs provide cutting edge treatments for diseases that were once impossible to overcome. Due to their complexity, the quality and regulatory requirements are difficult to interpret and follow. Regulatory agencies require specific quality data for clinical approval and full market approval making the role of regulatory professional a difficult one.


This training course will provide you with a complete understanding of the regulatory and quality requirements for cell and gene therapies in the EU and US. Once completed, you will know the regulatory requirements and quality data required in clinical applications and the Common Technical Document (CTD). With a complete understanding of the regulatory routes to market in the EMA and FDA, you will have the confidence to devise a regulatory strategy for your CGT product.


With the Educo Post Learning Implementation Plan (PLIP) you will have the framework to apply and implement the knowledge acquired in the training, supporting you in your development. Learn more about how we deliver both online and classroom training courses. If you have any concerns about COVID-19 before registering on to the course, please read our COVID-19 commitment.

Course Dates


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20 & 21 November 2024

2-Day Hybrid Training

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2025 Dates TBC

2-Day Hybrid Training

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Key Learning Objectives


  • Understand the regulatory guidelines and processes in Europe and the US for cell and gene therapy products (ATMPs)
  • Learn how to overcome the many quality concerns and challenges that ATMPs present and ensure positive regulatory outcomes
  • Discover the practical challenges of manufacturing cell and gene therapeutics and appreciate the GMP requirements
  • Navigate the regulatory landscape and strategically evaluate possible approval routes for your product to ensure fast approvals
  • Understand what level of information is required in the Common Technical Document ahead of submission.
  • Gain the practical skills to navigate the EMA processes and guidelines including IMPD, PRIME, orphan designation and regulation 1394/2007
  • Manage the US FDA processes and guidelines including IND, OTAT, RMAT

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Introductory Online Module
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26 September 2024 | 1:00 PM (UK)

Delivered Online

Overview of ATMPs and the course

  • Introduction to the course
  • Overview of the topic area and the regulatory/quality challenges of ATMPs

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Day 1

20 November 2025

Overview of ATMPs, biologics and the development process

  • Learn the key difference between Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs), biologics and small molecules
  • Overview of a typical development process for ATMPs and biologics
  • Focus on the key documentation from a quality and regulatory perspective

General Introduction to Cell and Gene Therapies and the regulatory processes

  • What is an ATMP/CGT
  • Definition of ATMPs and associated terms
  • Classification of ATMPs – Regulatory decision-making process
  • Overview of the regulatory processes within the FDA and EMA from development through to submission
  • The BLA / MAA and the CTD documentation required
  • Understanding device registration (CE mark for machinery) and product registration

Regulatory strategies for Cell & Gene Therapies or ATMPs

  • Examine the various strategies to achieve regulatory approval for your advanced therapy
  • Certification of ATMPs in EU
  • Scientific advice – Meeting regulators
  • Understanding the risk based approach
  • Discover how the orphan designation works
  • Review of EU regulations for ATMPs – Analysis of regulation 1394/2007
  • Review of US FDA regulations for cell and gene therapies
  • Examining critical EU EMA and US FDA guidance
  • Consideration of factors outside standard ATMPs – combination products and borderline cases

Insight into global regulatory expectations for ATMPs

Insight into global regulatory expectations for ATMPs

  • Examine US FDA regulatory requirements
  • Learn how best to work with the Office of Tissue & Advanced Therapies (OTAT)
  • Understand how to interact with the Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designation (RMAT)
  • Examine EU system and scientific advice
  • Understand the EU Priority Medicines scheme (PRIME)
  • Understand GMP requirements at Phase I in the US and Europe and the impact for your product
  • Practical insight into other markets

Practical exercises, group work and case studies

Interactive group exercises in the form of discussion and/or exercises are also included as part of the course to cement your knowledge.

Day 2

21 November 2024

Clinical trials and investigational medicinal product application for ATMPs

  • Optimising materials for regulatory compliance – vendor qualification
  • Summary of Clinical Trial Application (CTA) requirements
  • The Investigational New Drug (IND) and Investigational Medical Product Dossier (IMPD)
  • Building the IND into the Common Technical Document (CTD)
  • Phases – when and why
  • Risk analysis for biological materials

Overcoming quality challenges for Cell & Gene Therapies – Part 1

  • Overview of frequent quality concerns,
  • Introduction to the ATMP equation
  • What is enough data to release? The issues Qualified Persons face with cell and gene therapies
  • What quality data is required when creating the clinical trial applications (CTA/IND) and for regulatory submission in the dossier (CTD)

Overcoming quality challenges for Cell & Gene Therapies – Part 2

  • Using the Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP)
  • Examining the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and Critical Material Attributes (CMAs)
  • Discussing the Key linkage in your dossier
  • Reviewing the control strategy
  • Understanding the risk-based approach
  • Reviewing sourcing materials

The CTD quality aspects for Cell and Gene Therapies

  • Understand the data expectations for ATMPs
  • Review the sections of the CTD
  • Using QTPP, CQAs and Critical Process Parameters (CPP) / CMAs
  • Linking the control Strategy

Practical exercises, group work and case studies

Interactive group exercises in the form of discussion and/or exercises are also included as part of the course to cement your knowledge.

Andrew Willis is a regulatory and development consultant with 35 years of experience. His management roles have seen him act as global Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affairs, creating business and marketing strategies for complex pharmaceutical development projects. Andrew has gained therapeutic experience in areas covering CNS, oncology, urology and pain management.


Experienced with both EU and US applications (NDA, 505 B 2, ANDA, BLA, MAA) for NCEs, generics and line extensions, with particular knowledge of sterile and biotech products. Experience covers multiple applications, scientific advice meetings, Clinical Trial applications (IND and IMPD compilation and submission), orphan drug applications. Significant Experience with novel drug delivery systems has been utilized in all of the above type of applications.


Andrew continues to provide training for all major companies and also a number of EU Member states agencies in CMC, variations and advanced regulatory affairs. More recently for IO Biotech, Andrew was SVP of Quality, Regulatory and CMC sitting on core C-suite providing CTO support activities – overseeing all pharmaceutical development of drug substance and drug products for peptide molecules and ensuring appropriate quality systems are in place.


He currently delivers extensive training courses in Quality By Design, Global Module 3 Requirements, global generic development and Optimizing the Life of Your Products. Specializing in Lifecycle management, creation of new line extensions and development strategies to maximize return on investment.

This course is aimed at professionals who work in regulatory affairs on Cell and Gene Therapy (ATMP) products. These include:

  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • CMC Regulatory Professionals
  • Product Registration Personnel
  • Project Managers in Regulatory Affairs
  • Compliance Managers
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Quality Professionals and QPs.


It is also aimed at those who require a complete guide to Cell and Gene development challenges. These include:

  • Management
  • Professionals moving into the CGT
  • Clinical Trial Professionals
  • Manufacturing Professionals.

Most of our classroom courses are located at a venue in central London. The city has good transport links and is good place to socialise with fellow attendees. Accommodation is not included in the price. We recommend staying in a hotel within walking distance of the venue. Lunch and refreshments are included on all days where you will be able to interact with fellow peers and the trainers.


The course is held in the following venue:
Hallam Conference Centre, Cavendish Venues, 44 Hallam St, London, W1W 6JJ


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Overcoming Regulatory and Quality Concerns for Cell and Gene Therapies

20 & 21 November 2024 | Hybrid Training | London

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