An Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Beginner’s Guide

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Gain a glimpse into the pharmaceutical industry so you have the confidence and credibility when talking with your colleagues/clients


Course Overview


Developing a drug is a complex, timely and expensive process. It takes many years to develop a drug before it is put on the market. In addition to the science many other challenges must be overcome to successfully bring a new drug to market.


During this short online course, you will gain a high-level overview of the pharmaceutical industry and how key departments collaborate to produce safe, effective and profitable products. Broken down into four key sections you will review research and drug discovery, drug development and finally commercialisation. Once completed, you will have a solid understanding of the industry and be well placed to communicate with technical professionals.

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Key Learning Objectives


  • Develop confidence and credibility when talking with your colleagues/clients
  • Gain insight into the scientific research conducted to understand serious diseases and innovate new possible treatments
  • Briefly discuss other therapeutic products such as biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and cell & gene therapies
  • Fully understand the activities of the expert disciplines (clinical, manufacturing, regulatory) in the industry as they collaborate to develop, manufacture and market new treatments
  • Review the many challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry such as costs, productivity and accessing patients globally
  • Grasp key pharmaceutical trends and the future direction on the industry such as artificial intelligence and big data
What is included in an e-learning on-demand course?


  • Direct access to an expert trainer through the training portal
  • A 2 to 3 hour course broken down into bitesize modules
  • Interactive and engaging activities
  • Access to the Educo Life Sciences Training Portal
  • Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to the content for 2 months
On-Demand Course Information

Once payment has been made you will be sent joining instructions to the Educo Life Sciences Training Portal. On here you will have access to all the learning materials for 2 months. The course consists of 22 short interactive modules (bullet points below) which are categorised into four sections.

Section 1

Introduction and Overview

  • Introduction to the course
  • High level overview of the industry
Section 2

Research and discovery of new treatments

  • Basics of the human body
  • Infectious diseases
  • Cancers
  • Neurological diseases
  • How do drugs work?
  • How do drugs work?
  • Disease, targets and biomarkers
  • Discovery of new drug treatments
  • Patenting our new inventions
Section 3

Development of products of value

  • Developing small molecule process
  • Developing large molecule process
  • Developing drug presentations
  • Assessing safety of new drugs
  • Early clinical trials
  • Major clinical trials and regulation
  • Set up of manufacturing
Section 4

Commercialisation and access for patients worldwide

  • Making the industry more patient inclusive
  • Branding new products
  • Launching products globally
  • Challenges to patient access
  • The outlook for the industry

John Faulkes began his career as a scientist in the medical diagnostics subsidiary of the Wellcome Foundation (now GSK). He moved after some years to a new career in training/HR, first as a trainer and eventually as a Learning and Development Business Partner. He left to become a consultant in the 1990’s, working as a freelancer running team building sessions, personal skills courses and doing instructional design and coordination.


In 2001 he co-founded PPLMD Ltd, which specialises in enhancing collaborative working in the Pharma, Biotech and related service industries. John focuses on three aspects of this: Firstly, an educational program: ‘Molecules to Markets’ that helps companies to build their functions’ mutual knowledge of how the Pharma business operates. This program has been delivered for large and small organisations globally and has continually developed as changes both to the external healthcare world and medicinal technology have evolved.


Secondly, enhancing Project Management – providing consulting, team / leader coaching and basic project management training, particularly for the Biotech sector.


Thirdly, Partnering – helping Pharma companies to manage Alliances more effectively, and Pharma Outsourcing functions to develop better ways to manage relationships with CROs, in terms of enhancing the start-up, establishing rigorous processes and developing increased collaboration and trust.

This course is specifically designed for professionals who are not technical experts but wish to understand how pharmaceuticals are developed and manufactured. It will provide you with comprehensive overview of the sector to support you in your job.

Sectors and job roles this course is most suited for include:

  • Technical professionals starting out in the pharmaceutical industry who require a comprehensive overview
  • All supporting functions such as marketing, finance and IT
  • Investment Professionals
  • Recruitment Professionals
  • Legal and IP Professionals
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• This course is delivered online as an on-demand product
• You will have full access to the training portal and course materials for 2 months once payment has been made