Biopharmaceutical Process Qualification and Validation

26 April 2022 | 1 Week Live Online Course


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Gain the practical skills in bioprocess qualification and validation to ensure your operations are compliant



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Course Overview


Biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes must be characterised, qualified and validated to ensure product safety. EMA and FDA regulators want to see evidence of an adequate control strategy for both upstream and downstream processes. Regulators also want to see that you have appropriate steps for continuous verification and validation post approval.


This bioprocess training course examines the ICH, EMA and FDA guidances you must follow to ensure your product is safe and compliant. You will examine the three stages of process validation, so you know what is required and how to implement it. You will have the confidence to implement a control strategy and conduct a process performance qualification. The course will also provide you with knowledge in Quality by Design (QbD), conducting risk assessments and continuous verification.


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Key Learning Objectives


  • Understand the ICH, EMA and FDA guidances on bioprocess validation to ensure you are compliant
  • Review the Quality by Design (QbD) concept and determine if it adds value to your organisation
  • Examine the three stages of process validation for biologic products
  • Gain the valuable analytical skills to conduct bioprocess characterisation, qualification and validation
  • Learn how to implement a process control strategy based on examples from upstream and downstream processing
  • Gain the skills to conduct a process performance validation
  • Learn best practice for process verification and validation post approval to maintain compliance
  • Understand how this data is used in the regulatory submission dossier
Post Learning Implementation Plan (PLIP)


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Action Plan

  • At the end of the training you will create an action plan to help you implement and develop your new skills and knowledge

Reinforcement Session

  • Delivered 3 to 4 weeks after the training
  • It is a 1 hour virtual session enabling the group to reinforce the key learnings from the training and cover subsequent questions and challenges
Introductory Module 1
FREE to Attend | Live & Recorded

29 March | 60 mins | 1pm UK

Overview of regulatory guidances

  • Examine the relevant ICH guidances: Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12 Draft
  • Understanding the EMA and FDA guidances on process validation
  • Understand the reasoning for the requirements
  • Comparison of traditional and enhanced development




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Module 2

26 April 10am UK| 60 mins

Traditional and enhanced pharmaceutical development

  • Discover how to link product and process characterisation together
  • Development throughout the lifecycle


Module 3

26 April 1pm UK | 60 mins 

Understanding Quality by Design in Bioprocess Validation

  • Understand the Quality by Design (QbD) concept
  • Applying a QbD approach to validation
    • Examine the various hybrid approaches
    • How to apply QbD
    • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses QbD
    • Assess the value it has in your organisation
    • Practical considerations of applying a QbD approach
  • Examining the following in bioprocess validation
    • Target Product Profile (TPP)
    • Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP)
    • Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs)
    • Critical Process Parameters (CPPs)
  • Practical exercises
Module 4

27 April 10am UK | 90 mins

Risk assessment methodologies

  • Examine the different risk management methods and tools
  • Fields of application
  • Learn how to assess and manage risks
  • Examples for Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analyses (FMECA)
  • Practical exercises
Module 5

27 April 1pm UK | 60 mins 

Examine the three stages of bioprocess validation

  • Examining design, qualification and validation
    • Stage 1 – Process design
    • Stage 2 – Process Validation and Qualification
    • Stage 3 – continued Process Validation
  • Learn what to do and when in the development process
  • Define the process and ranges


Module 6

28 April 10am UK | 60 mins 

Process characterisation and small-scale process model utilisation

  • Examine how to use small process models
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a small process model
  • Understand the need for qualifying to a large-scale process
  • Ensuring your small-scale data is reflecting large scale production
  • Examining acceptable range studies and multivariate analyses
Module 7

28 April 1pm UK | 60 mins

Developing and implementing a control strategy

  • Overview and of process controls
  • Examples of process controls
    • Upstream Process
    • Downstream Process
  • Examine the importance of the analytical method
  • Developing a process control strategy including ranges
  • Process control loops and hierarchy
  • Control charts data analyses
  • Defining process, product, ranges and limits
  • Identifying critical process parameters
  • Process parameter categorisation and how to validate
Module 8

29 April 10am UK | 60 mins

Process Performance Qualification (PPQ)

  • Prerequisites for PPQ
  • Learn how to perform a process performance validation
  • Examine what studies need to be included
  • Review the sampling plan
  • Protocol and report requirements
Module 9

29 April 1pm UK | 90 mins

Continued process verification and validation

  • Monitoring performance once approval has been granted
  • Examining a batch-to-batch approach to performance monitoring
  • Annual product reviews
  • Examine best practice for continuous process improvement


Regulatory factors

  • Capturing CMC information for the regulatory dossier
  • Practical advice and guidance



Dr Margit Holzer has over 25 years of experience in the industry and worked on more than 50 different products. She is a specialist in process, product and analytical method development for biopharmaceuticals. She has extensive expertise in bioprocess in all phases of development including preclinical production, clinical production and large-scale commercial supply.


Margit began working at Boehringer Ingelheim, eventually establishing and becoming the head of the new division of manufacturing sciences. She moved on to become the Quality Director and later the Technology, R&D and Innovation Director for NOVASEP in France, before setting her own consultancy. She now assists clients in the evaluation, optimisation and development of processes, analytics and technologies including innovative ones for upstream and downstream processing and formulation.


Margit has delivered multiple courses on bioprocess validation. She has helped delegates understand the guidelines and the steps they must take to ensure their operations are compliant. Drawing on her extensive experience Margit provides numerous case studies, examples and exercises during the course.

This course is aimed at professionals who work in biopharmaceutical manufacturing who are involved in process validation. These include: Bioprocess Scientists | Upstream Professionals | Downstream Professionals | Bioprocess Development Personnel | Bioprocess Engineers | Production Personnel/Technicians | Quality | Regulatory Affairs.


It is also relevant for professionals working in cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Margit has experience of working with CGT products.

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