Pharma Skills Training

Life science professionals require generic technical skills in their day to day role. These skills are relevant across all areas of development from pre-clinical and clinical to manufacturing to regulatory affairs.

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective and Preventive Actions (RCA & CAPA) Training

RCA & CAPA is important throughout pharma development and required for compliance in some areas. Our practical courses provide you and your team with the skills to fully implement the techniques within RCA and CAPA.

Lean & Six Sigma Training

Lean and six sigma methodologies have grown in prominence within the pharmaceutical industry. Elements of both lean and six sigma are applicable throughout pharma development. Our courses help you focus on the methodologies and how they can be implemented into a pharmaceutical environment.

Pharmaceutical Project Management Training

Some roles require a full understanding of Project management from charter to project end but there are an increasing number of organisations who are focussing on the many useful tools that full within the project management band width. Common requests are ‘having difficult conversations with clients’, ‘Managing expectations’, ‘Dealing with escalations’, ‘Dealing with multiple projects’ and ‘ensuring internal engagement’.

Could your team benefit from updates in one of these areas? Or maybe a topic which is not highlighted? We would be happy to discuss your objectives and see how we might be able to help.