PRRC Training (Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance)

6 February 2024 | Short Online Course


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Fully understand the PRRC role: Qualifications, responsibilities, task analysis and liabilities


Course Overview


The Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC) role was created under article 15 of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (IVDR). However, the exact details of the role such as qualifications required, tasks, liability and administrative elements have been unclear for many.


Led by Anne Jury of Team-PRRC, this course will provide you with clarity on the role and all its responsibilities, so your organisation is compliant. You will examine key topics such as qualifications, appointment, registration, tasks, compliance and admin. It is designed for professionals who are a PRRC or considering becoming a PRRC for their organisation. It is also beneficial for management to attend so they fully understand the role of the PRRC.

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Key Learning Objectives


  • Review the regulation and understand why the role was set up as part of the MDR
  • Examine the qualifications required to be a PRRC and how to document this
  • Discuss the important elements of appointing a PRRC such as having an agreement / job description
  • Registration of the PRRC under Eudamed
  • Review the responsibilities of a PRRC of a manufacturer and Authorised Representative and analyse the tasks needed to perform these responsibilities
  • Discuss the liability of the PRRC – what does this mean for me?
  • In groups examine real-life scenarios to fully cement the course learnings
What is Included?
  • Direct access to an expert trainer
  • Interactive and engaging sessions
  • Access to the Educo Life Sciences Training Portal
  • Unlimited access to the recordings for 2 weeks after the session
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Course Information

Course Information

  • The course begins at the time stated at the top of the page
  • The course is broken up into modules outlined below
  • There will be breaks between modules
Session 1

6 February 2024

14 May 2024

19 September 2024


180 mins | 9:30 AM UK

Introductory overview of MDR 2017/745

  • Context of the Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC) according to Article 15 MDR / IVDR and associated recitals
  • Comparison with similar roles in other regulations / History of PRRC

Qualifications for the PRRC

  • Required qualifications
  • Documentation on the responsible person – proof of qualification and competences

Appointment of PRRC

  • Job description – scope / duties
  • Importance of agreement / contract
  • Location of PRRC

Registration of the responsible person

  • Eudamed – where and what to register
  • Practical implications for PRRC

Tasks of the PRRC

  • For PRRC of a manufacturer
    • Verification of product conformity, technical documentation, vigilance activities, post-marketing surveillance (PMS), compliance of investigational or performance evaluation devices with Annex I
  • For PRRC of an authorised representative (AR)
    • Ensuring compliance with the mandate between AR and Manufacturer
Session 2

6 February 2024

14 May 2024

19 September 2024


180 mins | 1:30 PM UK

Choosing the appropriate practical working methods to demonstrate compliance

  • Reports
  • Audits
  • Spot checks
  • Review and approval of relevant procedures/ forms / documents
  • Inclusion of PRRC responsibilities within the QMS

Administrative considerations

  • Availability
  • Liability
  • Implications of the special provision for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises I.e. dealing with the external PRRC

Aptitudes required for successful PRRCs

  • Ensuring the PRRC has the organisational freedom to operate effectively (from both employer and PRRC perspective)
  • Interdepartmental and interpersonal communication requirements
  • Dealing with difficult situations


Work through a real-life scenario, tasks required, methods to use, consequent actions and results.

Anne Jury is a consultant and trainer in medical devices EU & UK regulatory compliance and quality assurance systems.  Starting out as company microbiologist for Smith & Nephew Textiles Anne went on to work for Notified Bodies, BSI and then TÜV Product Service as a lead auditor and later as UK Regional Manager.


Anne has run her own consultancy business since 2000 providing medical device regulatory support to companies ranging from research institutes and start-up companies to SMEs and multi-national market leaders.  Anne was one of the founders and visiting lecturers to the MSc in Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs run by TOPRA and Cranfield University where she was also external examiner from 2009 to 2012.


Anne has extensive MDR expertise, supporting her clients transition from the MDD as new guidelines and ISO standards are published. As a result, she can draw on multiple case study examples and experience when delivering MDR training courses. Anne has led both in-house and public courses on medical device EU regulatory affairs for several years.


Anne is also Vice-President of Team-PRRC, a non-profit organization set up in March 2020 to support individuals in the role of PRRC under the EU medical device regulations.

This course is designed for professionals who are currently a PRRC or looking to take on the responsibility of PRRC in the Medical Device and IVD industry. It also applicable to senior management who would like to get to grips with the role.

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• This course is delivered online
• For live online courses, module durations are approximate
• You will have full access to the training portal and the recordings for 2 weeks after the training

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PRRC Training (Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance)

6 February 2024 | Short Online Course

  1. SIA Latvia MGI Tech

    Well organized, trainer was so energetic. Majority of the content will be very useful in my daily work. Hope to attend other training courses too.

  2. Skin Tech Pharma Group

    The course was really interesting and updated. It gives you a clear vision on the requirements and responsabilities of the position.

  3. Biokit S.A.

    Complete and clear course on the PRRC role & responsibilities, with numerous and insightful collaborative discussions with speaker and attendees.

  4. Skin Tech Pharma Group

    All good, very satisfied.

  5. Skin Tech Pharma Group

    Very good experience. The trainer is a high-level expert.

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